Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday Top 10, 6/30-7/6

I'm not sure I'm going to find 10 good prices this week, I'll give it a try!

  • Corn on the cob, 5 ears for $1
  • Cherries, 1.48/lb!!
  • Top Sirloin, 3.99/lb (I don't usually cover meat prices, but top sirloin is my fave steak, and that's not a bad price)

Don's Valley Market

  • 10lb potatoes at 1.99
  • Graham crackers are 1.99/box (I hope you picked some up at FTC for .90/box last week, but if not you need them for smores this weekend!)

Prairie Market

  • Store brand butter is 1.49/lb with coupon here


  • Ground beef is 1.79/lb

I think that's all I've got, sorry guys! A good week to skip shopping and hang with your fam.

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