Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This should make you laugh...

So while I was writing the post below, my son was happily playing upstairs. He can see me down in the office when I am on the computer, and he periodically came to the gate at the top of the stairs to say hi. While I was finishing the post, I noticed that he was sneezing quite a bit, and then giggling about it. Children are so easily amused.

So I went upstairs, and it looked like there was a cocaine milling operation set up in my living room. EVERYTHING was covered in white powder, including the rug, couch, recliner, and of course the child. In the kitchen? Same story. My son got into the spice drawer and with his newly improved fine motor skills, opened the cream of tartar bottle and spread darn near every bit of it throughout the house.

So, I proceeded to strip him naked, and he danced around the living room to Blondie on the ipod while I cleaned up. And yes, it was so ridiculously cute that I was not one bit mad at him. If you come over for supper though, I will not be serving lemon meringue. The point of this story is that you should feel free to ignore everything I have to say about organization. My toddler reminded me that I don't have a chance!

1 comment:

  1. Very funny!!!! Not quite as hard to clean up as the super glue james got into the other day!!