Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Top 10, 7/4-7/10

I'm concerned that this might end up being less than 10 again, by Wednesday the ads might be so bad that I insist you don't buy any groceries until the sales get better! Let's see what we've got for now;

  • Buy 2 Jif peanut butter (18oz) or Smucker's Jam (selected varieties), and get a free loaf of Orowheat bread. Can mix and match PB and Jam. This works out to $1.33/item, which isn't bad. I usually pay .99 for the same quantity of generic PB at Safeway, and $1 per loaf of bread, so for a bit more, you get the brand names.
  • Store brand frozen veggies are .99/lb. This is an example of when an advertised price is not a sale, that is the regular price for them. That said, it's still a decent price, and nice to know you can always get the item their if you can't get it cheaper elsewhere.
  • If you do go to Target, make sure you pay attention to any cash register tape coupons (CRTs) that you get, I got a good one for $1 off a $3 up&up brand product (their store brand). These are great for things that don't necessarily go on good sales, maybe sunblock, paper goods, prenatal vitamins (if you need that sort of thing!).


  • Milk is 1.99/gallon again, God bless them!


  • Butter is 1.49/lb with coupon here.
  • 24oz Sour Cream is .99 with coupon here. That's a good one.
  • 128oz OJ is 3.49 with coupon here. I almost never buy juice but that seems like a good price?

Anyone spot any other deals? Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July, I have to go figure out how to use up a TON of leftovers!

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