Friday, July 9, 2010


I was hoping to import my excel spreadsheet into a post, so that you all could see how I track e-coupons. But I'm not smart enough. Basically, all the e-coupons that I load from Cellfire and Shortcuts are added into my spreadsheet, so that I have a super easy visual for products that I have multiple e-coupons for. For example, I currently have 4 coupons loaded for Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mix;
  • Cellfire, .75/2, exp. 7/12/10
  • Cellfire, .75/2, exp 7/26/10
  • Shortcuts, .75/2, exp 7/27/10
  • Shortcuts, .75/2, exp 8/27/10

There are also paper coupons for this product, so considering all e-coupons and a doubled paper coupon, I can get $4 off 2 of these brownie mixes at Safeway, through 7/12. The supreme brownie mix is pricey if not on sale, so I'll check and see when I shop this weekend, and maybe I'll get lucky! My point is that e-coupons rock (have I mentioned that before?), and if you spend a few minutes studying them, you can get lots of free products! Yeah!

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