Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday Top 10, 7/21-7/27

Safeway has some nice produce sales again this week;

  • Green grapes are .88/lb!
  • Green beans are .99/lb
  • Green peppers are .50/ea
  • Green broccoli is .99/lb
  • Green plums are .88/lb. Not really, they're really red or black plums but I had to keep the theme going.
  • Bumble Bee light tuna is .44/can SAT and SUN only.
  • There is an in-ad coupon for Yoplait yogurts, 1.79 for the 4 packs of YoPlus, Fiber One, or Delights. Combine this with the manufacturer's coupons here for YoPlus or Fiber One, or here for any of the 3, and they will cost you .79/ea after coupon doubles. Check for e-coupons too! Note that there is a limit of 3 and a minimum purchase of $10 is required to use the in-ad coupons. I would like to get at least 6 of these, so I will do 2 transactions, and the minimum purchase is BEFORE manufacturers coupons. SO, make sure you have at least $10 in items before MF coupons, and then give the store coupon first. Make sense?

Don's Valley Market, I haven't been out to Don's for weeks, but I have been hoping for cheap cabbage so I can work on a chicken chow mein recipe to satisfy my cravings, I will be headed out there this week!

  • Green cabbage is .39/lb (here we go with the green again)
  • Broccoli is .99/lb
  • Cauliflower is 1.89/head.
  • Cantaloupe is .49/lb


  • Top Sirloin is 2.99/lb, that's the best I've seen in a long time.
  • Kiwis are 5 for $1, that's a really good price too.
  • 10lbs of Russet are $2.

Holy Hannah, I came up with more than 10 items this week! Amazing. Seriously, I know that this list is heavy on produce, and woman cannot live by this alone, but it's all I'm interested in right now, so I have tunnel vision! If you need to stock up on protein, this probably isn't the week to do it anyway, with the exception of the tuna at Safeway, and the steak at Haggar's.

Remember the best way to save on groceries is to quit thinking about what you "need" and focus on what's in season and on sale. That said, if bread doesn't go on sale soon, I'm in trouble!

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