Price Book


• Sugar; .40/lb
• Flour; 1/5lb
• Peanut Butter; .99/18oz
• Powdered Sugar; 1.29/2lb
• Brown Sugar; 1.29/2lb
• Blue box mac and cheese; .40/box (it's possible to get this free with double coupons and a sale)
• Dried beans; $1/lb
• Dried Pasta; .50/lb for shapes other than spaghetti, that’s often free with coupons
• Spaghetti Sauce; this one is tough to pin down since there are so many brands/sizes, usually I won't pay more than $1/jar, and we usually use Classico brand. I prefer commerical sauce to homemade due to price, taste, and convenience. If you grow tomatoes, you may be able to make it cheaper than me.


• Eggs; .06 cents or less per egg
• Butter; less than 1.75/lb
• Cheese; less than 2/lb, shredded or block
• Milk; 2/gallon
• Heavy Cream; 2.98/quart
• Fresh fruits and veggies; obviously it's hard to assign a price to the whole category, but I do have a basic rule that I won't pay more than $1/lb for any of these items (berries being the exception). Know what your family likes and start pinning down prices on those items.


• Frozen veg (basic like corn, peas, mixed veg); .99/lb
• Flour tortillas; free with coupons is the only price I'll pay for these
• Whole Wheat bread; 1/loaf