Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James is going to Miami?!?!

Just kidding, like I care. That said, hubs watched ESPN for what felt like an eternity last night in anticipation. Seriously, who cares?

Hmm, so what am I really going to talk about....

I better update you on how I'm doing with the no shopping challenge I set this month to try and clean out some stockpile groceries before they completely take over my house. Frankly, not worth a crap. It's not that I haven't avoided shopping, really I totally have. I've purchased only the few fresh things that I needed, including some things for the 4th of July. The trouble is that we have had so many leftovers that we haven't made any kind of a dent in what we already have, we're too busy eating leftovers. I'm going to keep at it though! This weekend at Safeway I'll pick up the following;

  1. About a pound of green grapes.
  2. International delight creamer with in-ad coupon and MF coupon here, so I'll pay a dollar for a big old bottle.
  3. Lettuce, probably some romaine and green leaf, it's $1/bunch.
  4. Since I have such a short list, I'm going to check out my current batch of e-coupons, and see if there is anything to be had for free. Seriously, if you haven't done e-coupons yet, get on it! Ask if you have questions!

Milk is on sale through Saturday at Walgreens, $1.99/gallon, and I have coupons for .55 off/gallon (I think that's what they were anyway), so I'll load up with a few. Next time I spot Land O Lakes coupons in the Sunday paper I'll make sure and tell you so you have them too!

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