Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday Ad Picks, holy late edition, 9/22-9/28

I just realized I hadn't posted this, sorry guys! I'm going to blame my oversight on the total lack of exciting sales!

  • 12oz Raspberries are $2.99, I got super excited for a second because there's an e-coupon for raspberries here, but it's only for the smaller sized containers. Boo. Still that's not a bad price, especially since they're out of season.
  • Fresh Express bagged salads are still $1, when I was in the store last I thought the pickings were pretty slim.
  • Lucerne cheese is $4.99/2 lb, block or shredded, this is an okay price if you need it, but I wouldn't buy it just to throw in the freezer.
  • Campbells Select Harvest Soup is $1 per can, so free after coupon here or here.
  • 18 eggs are $1.99 with the in-ad coupon, not a great price, but better than $1.59/dozen.
  • Jif peanut butter is still $1.49/18oz with in-ad coupon.
  • Silk Soy Milk is $1.99 with in-ad coupon, so only .99 after .75 off coupon here (must register), which will "double" to $1 off. You know how I've harped on you to try almond milk? Well, I've never tried soy milk, does anybody have anything to say about it?


  • Bananas are .33/lb.
  • Celery is .59/bunch.
  • Jonathan or McIntosh apples are 3lb bags for $2.
  • Squash is .59/lb.
  • Green peppers are .60/ea.
  • They're having a Mega Meat Sale, which sounds pretty rad, right? I didn't see any mind blowing prices though. Chicken quarters are .59/lb, which is okay. Chicken tenderloins are 1.99/lb, again just okay.


  • Onions are .69/lb.
  • Oranges are .69/lb.
  • I haven't mentioned the store coupons that they update every week for a while, you can always find them here. They haven't had anything good for a while though!

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  1. I'm against the soy milk. Soy can do too many bad things for your body even though people think it's better than regular milk it's really not. It messes up your hormones and screws up your bodies function.