Saturday, September 4, 2010

More random stuff.

I stopped at Walmart today, and they have corn on the cob for .10/ear, that's a nice price! I didn't see anything else that was great price wise, I was hoping for cheap berries, but no go. They did have something that made me break my produce rule of nothing more than $1/pound though. Have you ever had champagne grapes? They are tiny little red grapes, smaller than a Skittles candy. They are soooo sweet and yummy, and it's really rare to see them in stores, usually only once a year do I actually come across them. If you are masochistic enough to go to Walmart, you should definitely check them out! I bought a clamshell package of them for $2.99, interestingly I didn't see a weight on them but I would guess maybe 12oz?

One other note, if you are interested in free swimming; the current free advertiser thing that the Journal puts out has a coupon for free family night swim at the Swim Center. This is a great deal, family swim is usually $9 I think (it may have gone up), and they have it every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday evening. We used to go every Sunday without fail, but we took the summer off. I'm looking forward to starting again! You should find the Advertiser in the blue dispenser things next to where they sell the Journal. By they way, there is also a coupon for a free aerobics class, they have some great water aerobics there. I should probably start that again too...


  1. They had clamshells with little tiny grapes in them at Family Thrift today(east side) for only .99!

  2. No way, you need some of those for your dinner coming up! You could feed them to each other...