Monday, September 13, 2010

Spiffy biscuits invesigates the unknowable.

So, I often find myself wondering about random things, and I wonder if others wonder the same things, but are not bothered enough to investigate? I'm afraid that I am often too lazy to just google it, whatever "it" is, but then other times I find myself sucked into Wikipedia for 3 hours, clicking on the related links. Either way, I annoy myself with my triviality.

But this, I needed to share with you. Hubs and I were debating the other night about green onions vs. scallions. The same? Surely not too different? He said they were different, I voted that they were the same. And now I'm tempted to go wake him up to gloat! Indeed, they are the same darn thing, although it seems that most recipes prefer "scallions", while the Safeway ad usually says "green onions". I think the recipes are putting on airs. Personally, I say gronions, which is a holdover from my high school years slinging hash at Taco Bell.

Regardless, I win!

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