Friday, September 3, 2010

Spiffy biscuits humbles herself, for a minute anyway.

So I have to apologize to Haggar's. I recently commented on how much I dislike their ad as it always seemed like a mess to me, too much random stuff everywhere. But I picked up their current ad today, and I am super impressed, it flows logically for me, and the pictures actually match the descriptions! Oh the little things. Anyway, if they are on your route, I already mentioned a couple of nice deals here. I also see they have green peppers at .60/each, and on the 5th page there is a coupon for .75 off a gallon of milk, which will be 2.50 on Tuesday (sorry, I don't know the usual price of it, but they always advertise that it's 2 for $5 on Tuesdays), so with the coupon only 1.75! I am obsessed with milk.

One other note, on the $5 Kraft coupon here; through Saturday, Thrift Center has their shredded or block cheese, 8oz packages at 3 for $5, no limit is listed in the ad. I'm going to use my coupons there rather than at Safeway so that I don't have to mess with the limit of 3 that Safeway has in place. That will make the price $1.34/lb! Hurray for cheap cheese!

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