Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday Ad Picks, 9/8-9/13

Safeway has lots of in-ad coupons this week! Remember, you CAN combine a Safeway store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon.
  • 7-Up 6 packs are $1.49 with in-ad coupon. Just a heads up, I was going to pick some up today (a splurge, usually I only buy soda if it's free), and the 8th Street store does not carry them. I guess I didn't really need it!
  • Mission chips are $1.29 with the in-ad coupon, and there are e-coupons at Cellfire for any Mission product. If anybody ever finds the MDA booklet, there are .55 off coupons in there that will double to make these only .29/bag, but again I didn't spot any of the booklets, bummer.
  • Welch's Healthy Start juice is $1.99 with the in-ad coupon, and there are coupons on for $1.50 off, so only .50! I use this in smoothies all the time.
  • Hormel Lunch Meat is $1.99/8 oz package with the in-ad coupon from the smaller Safeway pull-out ad, and there is a coupon here for .55 off, which will double and give you a price of .99. I plan to buy a few of these, it's tough to get lunch meat in quantity, so while this isn't a mind blowing price, I'll still stock up. These usually have a sell-by of at least a couple of months out, so they'll be fine in the fridge for a while. There are also blinkie coupons in the 8th Street store for .55 off, but I can tell you these WILL NOT double. If you want to use them, just go to customer service after you check out and they'll reimburse you (I prefer to avoid the hassle)
  • Broccoli and cauliflower are .99/lb.
  • Sandwich bread is $1.25/loaf for the whole wheat, this seems to be the best price they're offering lately.
  • Frozen chicken breasts are $7.96 for a 4lb bag, and there is an e-coupon you can load here to take off $2. Remember, the e-coupons that you load from Safeway are notorious for not coming off, so if you choose to do this, I would definitely print your list of loaded coupons and be prepared to go to customer service. I'm not sure I want to deal with the hassle, but I can tell you these are really convenient; I used to be kind of snotty about frozen chicken (I honestly have no idea why, I sincerely doubt it's any different than the fresh stuff, maybe even better since it's not been frozen and thawed like the "fresh" stuff usually is), but I am a convert. I just used some of this tonight for Greek Chicken (no, that was not the menu plan, a deviation was required). Very handy!

Haggar's has some great produce sales!

  • Onions are 3lbs for .98, God bless you Haggar's! Paying .99/lb for them has been chapping my rear.
  • Pears are .99/lb, as are Gala apples.
  • Red potatoes are 1.48/5lb.
  • Gronions are 3 for $1.
  • Carrots are 2lbs for .99.
  • Cabbage is .29/lb.
  • Split chicken breasts are .99/lb.

Don's didn't really impress me, some decent produce prices but nothing I'd make a trip for. Haggar's definitely has them beat this week!

Family Thrift is on my list. And I don't mean my shopping list. Remember the pasta and pasta sauce prices I posted here? Well I printed the coupons, and you actually save .50 on 2, not 1. So price is .75 each, nothing special. I really found this to be misleading in the ad, and even on the coupon page on-line, it said nothing about buying 2 until you actually print the coupon. Grrr!


  1. Hey so I asked about the MDA coupon booklets at the Mt. Rushmore Safeway again and the customer service girl told me they never came in. I say we complain to Safeway, I saw pictures of mounds of them at other Safeways. That's discrimination to Rapid City!

  2. I'm with you, what I don't understand is why they had like half a dozen of them at the Westside store, but never any more?!

    We can email Safeway, though I've never gotten anything except more irritated when I do that!!

  3. They were really nice when I called, maybe I can do that again? I was really irritated about it. I guess I just don't understand why one store would get special treatment over another.

    And I agree. I've emailed them before and gotten nowhere. I had an open file about the beef with salmonella from last year(I got salmonella poisoning from it) and they never did anything. They kept sending me the same email saying they were working on it for months and months.