Monday, September 27, 2010

If you shop at Safeway, consider this fair warning...

Okay, so I didn't get any recipes up today, I'll really try hard tomorrow! I also need to post Sunday ad picks, I'll really try hard tomorrow! I swear!
In the meantime, I had to share this with you; finding other people's shopping lists is one of my favorite grocery store games! Seriously, I love this peek into other people's lives. In the above example, I'm assuming the list writer is female, because the handwriting is super neat. I was excited to think maybe it was left by a Spiffy Biscuits reader (slim chance but you never know), because the first item is raspberries, which of course I've had things to say about. But then I saw "entrees", which I can only assume means packaged, frozen, whatever. So that's probably not someone looking to be super frugal with the grocery budget. Be forewarned, if I find your grocery list, I will conduct a highly unqualified psychoanalysis of whatever is on it! God help me if anyone ever finds my grocery list, complete with highly complicated annotations about coupons, e-coupon, catalinas, etc. Scary.
Check out this book on Amazon, someone is even more into this topic than me? I actually bought this book as a gift for someone, and regretted not reading it before I gave it to them.


  1. Ok I wanna take a stab at this grocery list writer.

    It's a female probably in her late 30's maybe early 40's. She doesn't have any kids. She has a plan on what she wants to cook(hence "tomato" instead of just "tomatoes")She enjoys convience(cuz of the entrees and the water which I'm assuming is bottled) which she can afford because she shops at Safeway. She doesn't make much homemade foods and instead she uses those convience foods(cuz of "bread")

    Lol ok that was fun...find more ok?!

    And I agree, it would not be good for anyone to find my list, too confusing and crazy to decipher.