Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shopping trip, 9/21

So here is my Safeway stop today. I also ran in to Wags for the milk, and then on my way home stopped at Haggar's again for the chicken. My total cost was 16.25 at Safeway, and I got another Catalina for $5 off my next purchase, thanks to the garbage bag deal I described in the video here. At Walgreens I spent $3.25 on the milk, and then at Haggar's I spent about $6 on the chicken (I realized how low I'm getting on chicken, so I picked up the drumsticks that are on sale through today only at .99/lb). So my week's worth of groceries was around $40, which is about right for us. I could probably have a tighter budget, but I like to have plenty of produce and milk around, and those things don't come free!

One thing people mention is that they don't want to make a lot of trips to various stores just to save a few bucks, and I completely agree. Usually, I have a 1 store limit, especially if I have baby cuteness with me. Today I was lucky enough to shop while he was at Grandma's, so I took advantage and made a few stops. But if I do have him, I just consolidate grocery stops in with other outings; when we go to story time on Thursday, I stop at FTC if they have anything, or maybe Target. After work on Wednesday, I might go into Wags since I drive past there. My point is, spending an entire day shopping is not my idea of fun, so I split it up to make it much easier. The other part of this is that I am a big planner. Seriously, I plan my entire shopping week at home with the ads, write out my lists in order of how the store is laid out, and consider whether I am going to additional stores and when to do so. I cannot tell you how much time this saves me in the store, it is sooooo worth it!


  1. Trying to figure out why we aren't best friends....I think you're my soul sister, we think so much alike! I'm a HUGE planner as well and I just bought 30 more notebooks because I make so many lists. My hubby wouldn't even stand in line next to me at Target because he thought I was crazy.

  2. Holy crap......we spend at least $100 a week on groceries. Of course, we do have 4 kids.....and just wait till you see how much teenagers eat!!

  3. Merissa, isn't it crazy that we just stumbled upon each other in the huge world of the internet? And we're practically neighbors! Bizarre.

    Jody, I think that's pretty darn good for a family of 6, I bet you're doing better than most people! Has it changed since you became coupon obsessed?

  4. Megan it is crazy! I like knowing someone local though that shops the way I do! And jody I think that's pretty good for having 4 kids. Our food budget is $100 a month but thats just for the 2 of us.