Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free movie rentals!

I hesitated to post about this, because I've had trouble with it, but after some customer service intervention, I thought I'd better share with you! There is now a Blockbuster Express kiosk at the Westside Safeway store, and Blockbuster seems to be pretty generous with free rental codes! I got an email with one on Monday, and it didn't work, but I rented a movie anyway. The previous couple of codes that I tried haven't worked either, so I emailed customer service, and they refunded the charge; you may have to do the same thing if you give this a try. Usually the codes are valid for one day only, and the one they emailed me today is WDVD1, valid till midnight today only. If you want the codes to be emailed to you, just sign up for their newsletter. If you don't use a code, it's only a buck/night, so cheap entertainment either way.

Redbox is the other company that has these DVD rental machines, and if you sign up for text messages with them, they'll text you a code for a free rental on the first Monday of every month. I actually prefer Redbox because there are more locations. They also charge a dollar/night.

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