Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

So I look forward to Wednesday like some people look forward to Friday. Wednesday is my day to work outside my home, you know like where I actually get paid for the work I do? So, on Wednesday morning, I drop Junior off at Grandma's (I know I'm ridiculously lucky, my mom in law watches my kiddo), and then I stop at the gas station for 2 fabulous things; gas station cappucino (I'm not a Starbucks kind of girl, plus if you get a punch card you get your 10th one free!), and the Wednesday paper.

Just to clarify, I look forward to Wednesday not because I go to work, but because the grocery store ads come out! The anticipation is brutal, I'm telling you. But some weeks, the coffee ends up being the highlight, and this week is one of them. There are only a small handful of sales that I'll be taking advantage of, and I definitely won't be using too many coupons.

Sanderson Farms Whole Chicken; .79/lb (I just pulled a chicken out of the freezer from the last good sale, .69/lb in Feb.)
Green Peppers; .50/each (I stick with frozen pepper strips, unless I'm making stuffed peppers, and this is a decent price)
Fresh Express salad mix; 1.00/bag, and there's an e-coupon that I think you can still load here.

I was really hoping for a good sale on grapes or strawberries, but it wasn't to be. Don's didn't have anything I was excited about, and FTC has a couple of things I'll pick up, but again nothing fab. I think this is a good week to stop at Sam's for produce, since I won't be spending much of my grocery budget otherwise! That's why I stockpile, so that when there aren't any good sales, I can minimize my shopping and eat from the stash.

One thing I am definitely excited about is that Walgreens should have milk at 1.99/gallon starting Sunday. I try to plan for this, and hopefully be about out of milk on Sunday, buy 2 gallons for the week, and then stop in Saturday and buy 2 or 3 gallons to last the next week and a half or so. I don't like to freeze gallons of milk because it takes up so much space, but planning to buy as much as possible when it's on sale definitely helps stretch the budget.

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