Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praire Market, 5/12/10-5/18/10

I don't stop at Prairie Market often, again they're a bit out of my way, but they do have some nice prices at times, so if you're in the neighborhood;

Red grapes; 1.49/lb (I prefer to pay 1/lb, but this is the best price in the area right now)
Graham crackers, Our Family; 1.59/box (this is a buy price for me)

Another note on Praire Market; I have never used coupons there, but I would assume they accept internet coupons, as they are Nash Finch operated just like Family Thrift. Make sure to check out the coupons for Our Family brand items, which is the store brand at FTC and PM, here's the link;

Regionally, these coupons should work at any Nash Finch store, like Econofoods.

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