Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Trails

I wanted to share what I did with you today, even though I really want to crash into bed right now! We had an awesome day, thanks to the beautiful weather and a tip from my big sis. I have been wanting to get a little more serious about hiking, because we'd like to climb Bear Butte this year, and maybe Harney, but I have been worried about my ability to complete this mission, thanks in part to my unwillingness to do anything that feels like just exercise. You know what I mean? I don't mind doing it if it's fun, but otherwise I'll be in the kitchen, knock yourself out. So anyway, we strapped on our kiddo (actually I strapped him on), with the Infantino wrap and tie carrier that I just got because the previous infant carrier I had got recalled. And thank the heavens that it did, because it was unusable, whereas this one isn't bad. Anyway (sorry I get so off track), we went on a really nice hike from some randon trail that my sister encountered in a Cub Scout activity. If you're interested in the details, comment on this post, I am crap at giving instructions but we'll work it out. We had sunshine, fresh air, a little weather scare in the form of a brief bout of hail, and I am now pretty dang tired. The best part is that it's free! Isn't it great to live here?

So this evening, I drug myself into Safeway, because there is no way I am going on a holiday, especially a holiday that is so food driven. I didn't come up with any deals that were mindblowingly outrageously good, but I did want to point out one of my favorite coupon tricks. There are so many places to get coupons, and it's okay to think outside the box about how to use them. So for example, Safeway had Kraft Mayo on sale with an in-ad coupon, that brought the 30oz jar down to $1.99. Mayo is one of those things that have been on my stock up list, meaning I have it, but not in great quantity, so the sale caught my eye. One thing to understand about Safeway in-ad coupons is that they're not really coupons (at least as I define them), but really what they are is a sale that Safeway makes you work for. So you CAN use a manufacturer coupon in addition to the Safeway coupon. I know some people in other, more populous states have probably had trouble with this, just like they have trouble with everything they try to do involving coupons, and I feel sorry for them. But here in South Dakota, the grocery stores are usually pretty easy to get along with, and if not I kill them with kindness. Sooooo, I remembered that the recent FTC ad had some mayo coupons in it, and guess what, they are manufacturers coupons! Yeah! Now you'll note that they say redeem at Nash Finch stores, or something like that, BUT they don't say redeem only at..., so I used 2 of them, and they worked just great! I realize some people may think this is questionable, but the store will get reimbursed for them, just like they would any other coupon, so don't sweat it. So I got 2 jars of mayo for .99/ea, and I am a happy girl.

The point I'm making is that just because a coupon is associated in some way with a store, it doesn't mean you have to use it there. As long as it's a manufacturer's coupon, you can use it anywhere you want, so maximize your savings!

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