Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To coupon or not to coupon....

One of the first steps in deciding to adjust your spending is to decide how much time and effort you are able and willing to commit to the agenda. If you want to spend most of your waking hours searching deals on the internet, you can. Not that I would ever waste my time that way....

Really though, shopping sales and using coupons is a great way to immediately shave your expenses, but the best approach to saving money is to look at your biggest expenses first, and see what you can do about them. I am definitely not a financial expert in any way, but anyone with a basic understanding of math knows that big numbers add up quicker than small numbers. You certainly spend more on housing than on shampoo, right? So free shampoo is fabulous, but not much help if you can't afford the mortgage.

This blog will be primarily focused on feeding your people for less, whether there are just a couple of you, or a bunch. But I would encourage you, whether you are in trouble financially or just trying to be more thrifty, to look at the big picture first. You get to decide how to spend your money, and I'm not interested in preaching to the uninterested, but I'd love to spark your interest in being more frugal, and I'm challenging myself by starting this blog to do the same.

If you decide to coupon, or if you are already doing it, how much time do you have to devote to it?

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