Thursday, May 27, 2010

And I've accomplished nothing today....

So my goal with this blogging thing is to get used to writing, something I've always wanted to work on, organize my recipes, and have a little Momma project to give me something to think about. Other than whether I have to wash diapers today, or if I can make it till tomorrow.

I hope to get into a routine of posting once every day or thereabouts, and what little I've done I really enjoy. But I'm quickly realizing that I'm going to have to fit it into my day a little better, so I'll be working on that. I have some ideas rattling around for near future posts, but today I just wanted to comment that I haven't seen a lot of smoking hot deals, but for one Walgreens deal that made me happy. I mentioned that Wags has milk on sale at 1.99/gallon, which is my goal price. But what makes it even better is that when I stopped in, it was Land O' Lakes milk, and if you are a couponer, you may have a coupon for .55/2. Yeah, that's a great price for milk that's NOT near sell-by (I pay 1.25/gallong when I find that). Not sure if you'll see this deal, as that isn't the brand they usually have, but worth checking out if you're stopping for a good milk price anyway!

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