Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 6/16-6/22

I thought I would try to post my favorite sales for the week at local stores, no coupons, or only coupons that you can find really easily. I know not everyone collects coupons like I do, but you don't have to in order to save money on groceries. So this list will include only in-ad coupons, or those currently available to print. Here we go!

• 10lbs potatoes for $2

• 1 gallon milk for 1.98, no minimum required purchase!
• Red grapes, .99/lb
• Fiber One yogurt, $2, plus load e-coupon here and use paper coupon here to get it free! This is a perfect way to try e-coupons for the first time.
• Frozen Safeway brand veg, 1.25/bag with in-ad coupon. Usually for corn, peas, etc. I will only pay $1/lb at most, but this should include other things, like the bell pepper strips, which is waaay cheaper than buying fresh peppers.
Starkist tuna, 5oz/.44 each, 6/19 and 6/20 only.

• Peaches, 1.39/lb (I know it’s too early for them to be good, and that’s not a great price, but I need a peach tart in my life!)
• Deli American cheese, 2.99/lb

FTC (I already mentioned these, but their silly ad schedule puts them off kilter from everyone else; these prices end 6/19)
• Eggs are .49/dozen, must buy 2 dozen, with coupon here, that's only 4 cents/egg!
• White vinegar is .99/gallon with coupon here


  1. Are the frozen peppers good? I've never used them

  2. I love them, probably my fave frozen veg. The Safeway brand is cut in strips, red, yellow and green. They are perfect for pepper steak, fajitas, pizza, stir fry, anything you would use fresh for. Seriously, they are so stinking convenient, and if you were to buy them fresh, you would pay so much more. I highly recommend!

  3. Thanks!! I did try them this week, I made fajitas (with fresh cilantro from our garden...delicious!!!)