Monday, June 7, 2010

FTC deals 6/6 through 6/12

There were a couple of sales this week at Thrift Center that I am excited about. All of the following are for the store brand.

Sugar, 4lb; 1.39 with coupon here
Canned veg, 6 cans for 1.50 with coupon here
1 gallon ice cream; 1.50 each, limit 2, will combine with one other dairy item in order to use $2 coupon off 3 items (from last weeks ad)

It seems like there was one other thing that I can't seem to remember now....

I liked that they are advising us of which sale items can be combined with their store coupons for even better savings, though I did find some of the wording was confusing, like on the canned veg.

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