Sunday, June 20, 2010

FTC deals 6/20 through 6/26

Thrift has been a good place to stop lately! They are obviously promoting their store brand stuff right now, so check out the in-ad coupon for $3 off any 5 Our Family products. You can't combine this with any of their other coupons, but this will make for some great deals. When I see coupons of this sort of odd value, it helps me to think of it in terms of .60 off/item, must buy 5. Does that make sense?

So based on the ad, here are a few suggestions with this coupon, assuming that you buy 5 items;

• 1lb butter; 1.29 (!!!!!), limit 2
• White or wheat bread; .73 (not sure if this is 100% whole wheat, if so, that would be a great price)
• Chunk light tuna, 5oz; .06/ea
• Mushrooms, 4oz can; better than free, make sure you buy something to eat up the .10 overage per can!
• Sauerkraut, 14oz can; .09/ea
• Graham crackers; .90/box
Don’t let it confuse you that there are several items that show coupon savings at the website. Do the math, and you’ll see that most of them are not valued at .60 off per item or more, so the in-ad coupon is better.
I’m sure there are a bunch more store brand items that will be just about free with this coupon. I don’t usually do “scouting” trips, but I’ll try and spend a little time looking around so I can give you suggestions. One thing I’m not sure about is using more than one per transaction; I don’t see anything that suggests that you can’t use 2 coupons on 10 items, but you could be questioned if you try. I plan to give it a shot tomorrow, I’ll let you know! Regardless, you can certainly do multiple transactions if it’s an issue, but I prefer to just do one and be done.
Just like the dairy coupon, this one is good for 2 weeks, through 7/3, so grab some extras!
Here’s a potential transaction;
2 lbs butter, 2.58
8 jars mushrooms, -.80
Total out of pocket for 10 items, 1.78 +tax! That’s .89/lb butter, and 8 jars mushrooms for free!

Some things I’ll check out; drink mixes (like generic Kool-aid), paper products, and single serve type items.

There are some other good deals there too;
• Kool-aid is 10 for $1, and there is a coupon in today’s paper for $2 off C&H sugar, which I would guess is around 3.50/5lb. I also picked up a peelie coupon in the store a couple of days ago for 2 free packets of Kool-aid if you buy 10, not sure those would work together though.
• Grapes are .99/lb

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