Sunday, June 13, 2010

FTC deals 6/13 through 6/19

As usual, there are a couple of good deals at FTC. I actually don't do much of my shopping there, but there are always one or two things that I stop in for. Our routine is to stop there after story time at the RCPL on Thursdays, while I usually do my weekly shopping trip to Safeway on Sundays. I have no desire to shop at multiple different stores all in one go!

The following are for the store brand;
Eggs are .49/dozen, must buy 2 dozen, with coupon here, that's only 4 cents/egg!
White vinegar is .99/gallon with coupon here, we use a fair amount of this for our dishwasher, which is not aging well. Just pour about 2 cups of it into some container that will stay upright, and then run the machine, empty, no soap. It definitely helps. What is it with my appliances anyway?

There are a couple of manufacturer's coupons in the front flap for canning supplies, and those can be used anywhere, so if you need canning jars, make sure you grab the ad. Cauliflower is 2.50/head, which isn't bad, I hate it when they price it by the pound!

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