Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shopping trip 6/22

I picked up some items at a variety of stores today, and I thought I would hit the highlights for you.

Safeway is actually a good place to find diaper deals, in limited quantities anyway. I have told you that we cloth diaper, right? Well, we are planning a weeklong trip this August, and as strongly as I feel about cloth, I am not hauling them, clean or dirty, on an airplane trip. Sorry mother earth. So I am on the lookout for deals, and I try to pay $4 or less per Jumbo pack. Safeway had the in-ad coupon to bring Pampers down to 7.99/pack, then I used an e-coupon from P&G esaver, which took off $2, and then a paper coupon to take off another $2. I also got a cash register tape coupon or CRT, for $3 off my next pack, so I'll hold on to that!

So at Safeway, I bought;

Wheaties Fuel (overage after e-coupons)
16oz bottle Coke (free after mycokerewards coupon, yes I have been known to pick up bottles off the side of the road, just for the code on the cap!)
Uncle Bens Rice Medley (free coupon, no longer available)
6 Yoplait yogurt (paper and e-coupons available)
4pk YoPlus yogurt (paper coupon available)
4pk Yoplait Fiber One yogurt (I previously mentioned where to find paper and e-coupons for this)
2 gallons milk (1.98/ea through today only)
Pampers diapers
2lbs red grapes at .99/lb

Total out of pocket with tax was $11.68.

Then at FTC, I did my best to find great ways to use the in-ad coupon. My son had other plans, so I didn't make it far! I bought,

2lbs black beans, 1.09/lb, so only .49 after coupon! That's a good price!
1 can sauerkraut, .09 after coupon.
2lbs of beautiful butter, 1.29 after coupon.

Total out of pocket with tax was 4.05.

Finally I ran into Haggar's for potatoes, and I grabbed some marked down ground beef too. $9.64 out of pocket, it's funny how quickly meat drives up your food costs.

So, other things I spotted at FTC that you should consider using the in-ad coupon for included white rice, 1lb at .87, pretty much all the dried beans are 1.09/lb, if you have a coukout coming up, they have lots of disposable plates, cups, cutlery, etc. that would be cheap or free, the single cups of yogurt, sorry I can't remember how much they were, small cans of fruit, can't remember the exact price on those either. I'm going to have to write things down! I'll be loading the freezer with butter, definitely will pick up some more beans, and need to check the price on slices black olives, which are often more expensive than any of the other ingredients I use for pizza.


  1. Well you would be so proud of me....hubby usually does the grocery shopping,but I went with him Sunday, coupons in hand. We saved $46 at safeway!!!!!

  2. That is AWESOME!! You must have left the kids at home, shopping with kids is a tough gig!