Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday ad picks,

Safeway's Sunday ad, thru 8/10 ONLY
  • Tide Stain Release is 5.99 with the in-ad coupon. Use the MF coupon from the 8/1/10 P&G insert and load the $3 e-coupon here to get it free. I actually have gotten this item for free before and have yet to use it; you use it in addition to normal detergent.

  • Tide detergent is also 5.99 with the same in-ad coupon, and there is a $2 e-coupon here, so combine that with the $1 MF coupon from the 8/1/10 P&G insert and it'll cost you 2.99, is that a good price? Someone has to tell me, I'm that hippie that makes her own laundry detergent...

  • Black seedless grapes are .99/lb, these look yum. Look for the "Serve up a Sandwich" booklet in stores and you'll get a $1 off produce coupon (with a minimum $5 purchase), so you could try these for free!

  • There is a MF coupon in this flyer for $3.00 off 10 ConAgra products. It's fairly unusual to see a MF coupon in the Safeway ad, and I wanted to point it out to you because you should be able to get cheap Hunt's tomato sauce with it. If you take it to FTC this week, you would pay $2 for 10 cans. I use the heck out of tomato sauce, it's perfect for pizza sauce, just add some Italian Seasoning or basil/oregano/granulated garlic. Mix it with water and some milk for tomato soup (I know that sound odd, but it's not any different than canned tomato soup). I could go on. But I won't.

Family Thrift Center

  • 18 eggs are .99 cents, which hits my target of less than .6/egg. See my price book here.

  • Ummm, don't waste your time? There's a promotion on General Mills stuff, get .50 off per item if you buy 10 or more. There are always lots of coupons for these items, look here, here, or here. I don't see anything that will entice me to investigate this one further. This message will now self destruct.


  • I was hoping to find some Crystal Light coupons to go with the gift card promotion, buy 4 at $2.98 each and get a $5 gift card back. I struck out.

Wow, nothing exciting guys. Sorry! What did I miss?

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  1. Funny random thing... I had a bunch of that tide Stain Release from when it was free before and I use it for carpet shampoo in my little shampooer. Works great! Lol!