Friday, August 6, 2010


So I continue to add to my overcharge grocery fund, and for those of you who missed the explanatory post, this is money that I am overcharged at any store, which I get back from customer service. The point of this post is that while it's annoying to have to read your receipt for errors, and then have an interaction with customer service that may or may not go well, it's so important because these amounts add up! The most recent contribution was from a Target trip where my coupons all scanned, but didn't take off the correct amounts (I've not had that happen before, it was quite odd).

I am going to continue saving, in my husband's beer stein, until next February when I will feed my family for a month on the total. Hopefully I won't be forced to go on a diet. And he won't drink a beer before then.

By the way, I had originally planned on doing this whole silly project until March, but they always have really good frozen food sales then, and I'm sorry that is stock up time! February should work just fine.

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