Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cherry chocolate bliss...

Cherry and chocolate are almost as good as chocolate and peanut butter in my opinion. Not quite as good of course...

Anyway, this is the season for the occasional great price on cherries, and I picked some up at Walmart a few weeks ago for .93/lb. And you better believe I pitted and froze some of those babies. All with this exact combination in mind.

Chocolate cherry smoothies

Combine 2 cups frozen pitted cherries with 1 serving of yogurt (I used the YoPlait Delights chocolate raspberry flavor just to make it even more decadent), add about 1 cup of chocolate milk or chocolate almond milk (which is on sale at Safeway for 1.99 right now, so only .99 with coupon here), 2 TBSP powdered milk if desired, and process in blender until smooth. Add more chocolate milk if needed for drinkable consistency, or ice to thicken it up. I cannot tell you how decadent this tastes, or how much kids love it!


  1. Megan, Megan....sounds delicious!!!! But also sounds like a lot of work, how the heck do you pit cherries anyway!!!???!!! Maybe you could just bring me one??????? (:

  2. Jody, this drink is made for you! I didn't even think about it, but this is the summer version of a dark cherry mocha!!

    I'll post details on cherry pitting in a new entry....