Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday ad picks, 8/15-8/21, actually make that just FTC ad picks.

  • I like to have the occasional cup of tea, and fall is coming (hurray!), so $1.29 for 20ct organic tea bags seems reasonable to me, use the coupon here.
  • 4pk of organic applesauce would be $1 with coupon here, if you aren't an organic person, it's cheaper at Target with the coupon from the Safeway Make a Muscle booklet.
  • 8oz packages of Our Family cheese are 2 for $2 with coupon here.
  • The $1 coupon is available for Our Family organic milk half gallons, right here. I don't usually print this one in anticipation, but sometimes you get lucky and they mark this milk down to .99 when it's near sell by, and then you can use this coupon to get it free! I've noticed that my husband now sniffs the milk before he drinks it, apparently he's leery of me and my marked down finds! Milk freezes fine, just pour a bit out of the container so it can expand.
  • Not a produce or meat deal worth mentioning in my opinion!

I'll pick up Target and Walgreens tomorrow, if there's anything good anyway!

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