Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing the meal plan with wild and reckless abandon, cause that's how I do.

Sometimes I like to rap, which never fails to give my husband lots of ammo against me. So I'll never speak (or rap) the above title out loud, but thanks for letting me share it with you. I just wanted to throw out to the universe that I made an impulsive and fabulous change to my menu this week, and I would love to encourage you to taste the item that made me throw caution to the wind. Actually what it did is cause my pregnant body to say "FEEEED MEEE", which was pretty scary, I can't lie.

I have been making a steak sandwich for a long time, and it was fine, but nowhere near as good as this baby. Pioneer Woman has a way with food, particularly butter and beef, and I think she's a good resource if you're looking for new recipes that will have broad appeal, do not require exotic ingredients, and have reasonable prep times. Check her out! And make this sandwich! I noticed that Safeway has Cube Steak at $3.49/lb, and they also have a coupon in the Joy of Football (holy oxymoron alert) coupon book, which they seem to continue to have at customer service, for $2 off any Rancher's Reserve beef. That was a really long sentence...

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