Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shopping trip, 2/6

Safeway during the Super Bowl is a nice place to be. I spent $1.73 on the pictured items (I am including tax in all my transactions by the way, it's easier for me, plus you gotta pay it, so you might as well count it). The creamer was $1.69, so I figure everything else was free! A couple of tips for Safeway maximization;

  • Safeway is (sometimes) generous with free items coupons that dispense from the Catalina machines. They are the machines that print separately from your receipt when you check out, and it's up to you to watch them, because they spit out some good stuff. I always scope out the machines at self checkout, because people tend to ignore them, and both the cleaning spray and the soda were free thanks to coupons that I grabbed from self checkout. I have no idea what prompts them to print for certain people and not for others, but I can tell you that I grabbed another free item coupon from the one I used tonight, which the previous person had overlooked. This is like the cheap person's lottery! I won't get rich playing, but it's fun!

  • The taco shells and beans are part of an Old El Paso deal that is going on right now, and My Frugal Adventures hooked me up with some coupons that made this a great deal. The taco shells are .99/box, and the beans are $1/can, and when you buy 5, you get a $3 catalina for your next purchase. I got a slip advertising this cat a few weeks ago, and it said the $3 would be for beef or chicken, but it proved to be good for any purchase, which is more convenient for me. I paid for this transaction with a $3 cat from a few weeks ago, and that's always part of my strategy; if you pay for items that produce a catalina WITH a catalina, you reduce your out of pocket cost. I know catalina's are super confusing, so questions?

I have $22.18 left for the month, and I don't plan to do any shopping until the 14th. If you stop in Safeway in the meantime, look for a fresh supply of the Joy of Football coupon books, the $2 Rancher's Reserve coupon is awesome!


  1. Safeway during the super bowl might be nice but Safeway before is a nightmare. But I wanted to attempt to pick some stuff up on the way home today and not make another trip back to town. And of course my "favorite" customer service lady was there when I had an issue with my Rancher's Reserve coupon. I made my hubby deal with her today....

  2. Safeway store coupons are such a hit and miss mess! I don't understand why they can't make their own coupons work with their own registers. I was lucky and one of my Safeway BFFs was working, otherwise I would have had trouble with mine too.

  3. I always have issues with the Safeway coupons not the manf. ones. I've even had the cashiers tell me, Wow you'd think they'd get these to work?! Lol, if the cashiers even know its an issue maybe they need to do something!